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Nautilus Estate Celebrates 30 Vintages

Last Monday, an intimate group of friends and colleagues joined us at Cazador restaurant in Auckland to celebrate 30 vintages of Nautilus Estate wines.

Nautilus is proud to be one of the few Marlborough-based wineries that has remained under the same founding family ownership for 30 vintages.

To mark the occasion, we pulled some old vintage wines from our cellar, and worked with Dariush and Rebecca at Cazador restaurant in Auckland to come up with a tasting menu that not only paired well with the wines, but also took diners on a journey through the decades from a 1980s inspired prawn cocktail, to a modern “nose-to-tail” inspired Venison dish.

We were very proud to work with Cazador for this occasion since that restaurant first opened its doors in 1987 and it too has remained under the same family ownership throughout that time.

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