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Korohi Vineyard

Korohi Vineyard


In 2020 Nautilus purchased the Korohi vineyard from a long term grower who wished to retire. Having sourced grapes from this vineyard for over 20 years we knew how special it was to our blends so the call to purchase was compelling. The vineyard is located off Rapaura road and comprises of 12.2 Ha of Sauvignon Blanc and 2.23 Ha of Pinot Noir. The Sauvignon typically shows ripe tropical fruit characteristics while the Pinot Noir contributes significantly to our Opawa Pinot Noir and Rosé wines.


Location: Jeffries rd off Rapaura Rd 

Elevation: 32 metres above sea level. 

Soil characteristics: Stony silt loams. 

Climate: Warm site with very little frost risk. 

Pinot Noir: Early ripening, clones 5, 115 & 777 planted in 1998. Wine show ripe red fruit characteristics and are ideal for our Opawa Pinot Noir and Rosé wines. 

Sauvignon Blanc: Mass selection and 317 clones. Typically showing rope tropical fruit aromas and flavours with some passionfruit lift. Usually a key component of the Nautilus Sauvignon Blanc blend.

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