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Clay Hills Vineyard

Clay Hills Vineyard


Five and a half hectares of mature Pinot Noir was planted here between 1999 and 2004, with a good selection of premium clones: UDC5, 114, 115, 667 and 777. This site is located on an elevated hillside on the eastern Omaka Valley and was purchased by Nautilus Estate in 2007 as a premium component for Nautilus Pinot Noir. Viticulturist Mike Collins says, "With our existing company vineyards on the Wairau Valley floor and in the Awatere already producing trophy-winning Pinot Noir, the one thing we lacked was a premium Southern Valleys hillside site. The Clay Hills Vineyard fits the bill perfectly and adds great mid-palate structure and texture to Nautilus Pinot Noir."


Location: The Omaka Valley, Southern Valleys sub-region. 

Elevation: 120 metres above sea level. 

Soil characteristics: Imperfectly drained loess colluvium (clay). 

Climate: Dry and often windy. Early ripening. 

Pinot Noir: Clones 5, 115 & 777 (planted in 2000), 114, 667 & 777 (planted in 2004). 

This site gives wines with mid palate texture and fruit sweetness as well as finely integrated tannins. This parcel generally provides flesh and texture to our wines.

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