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Wine dinners & wineclub tastings in the central North Island

Last week I had a flying visit up north for a series of trade calls and a couple of consumer eveing events.  It was the perfect setting to showcase our wines – having a captured audience for a couple of hours and being able to showcase our wines along side food.  The 1st was a winemakers dinner at Fahrenheit restaurant in Te Awamutu where Nautilus Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir were the stars of the show.  The following evening I presented to the Rotorua Tasters club where Nautilus Cuvee and Chardonnay where the most popular.  It just goes to show that it is different strokes for different folks and it was great to get to talk to consumers and see what appeals.  Both events had food matched to the wines and maybe it was those particular combos drove the wine sales.

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