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Deck the Halls

The best hosts plan ahead, get prepared for the entertaining season with tips from Città Stylist Sam van Kan on how to create an Instagram worthy dining display to delight friends and family with this Christmas.


2.   Go green

We love to incorporate greenery into a dining display, especially when there are so many beautiful blooms to forage for at this time of year! For a hanging centerpiece, keep an eye out for foliage and branches that drape and fall in a beautifully natural manner such ivy, jasmine and grape, and weeping trees like willow and birch. Just be mindful to only take what you will use without damaging the plant – leave some for others (and the bees!)

Try to keep the bulk of the greenery above seated eye level as this will help keep the conversation flowing across the table. To add interest and a sense of intimacy (while still keeping the eye line reasonably clear) hang an array of clear vessels such as our Aqua Bottles down from a pole or branch. I used thick jute twine wrapped around the vessels for texture and colour. I think if you’re using string, show it for what it is and make it part of the arrangement!


2.   Mix and match ceramics

The key to nailing this look is having a defined colour palette. Choose three to five different colours, patterns and textures to create your look. Serving boards can be used as an alternative to a traditional placemat or as podiums for condiments and side dishes. To complete your table setting, use cake plates and carafes to create a variety of heights and visual interest. When setting the table, choose two elements to keep constant – placemats or dinner plates, napkins or coasters, and layer the rest asymmetrically from there.


3.   Add some sparkle

Add magic to your display by displaying candles on mass surrounded by sparkling glassware. Try tealight holders, pillar candles and Christmas lights interwoven with greenery to create a warm glow. Using a hurricane lamp like our Illuminado Lantern works beautifully when dining inside to create a feeling of warmth as the candle light dances off the glass.


4.   Napkin details

Avoid the formal napkin ring or folded triangle, and use napkins in a variety of different contexts. Napkins might sit to one side, folded on the plate, or laid flat under as an alternative to a placemat. For an added sense of occasion, knot freshly baked rolls in napkins to keep them warm, or tie twine and a name card to a loosely folded napkin for the perfect place card holder.

For a festive and bold statement, use our Botanica napkins, a design hand-painted by Città Head of Textile Design Imogen Tunnicliffe. The colours from this napkin pair beautifully with lush table greenery and a deep red Nautilus Pinot Noir.


5.   The magic touch

Nothing says celebration quite like a glass of bubbles and Nautilus Cuvee Brut  is the perfect toast. Choose elegant glassware such as our Mirage Champagne Glass – precisely made and perfectly weighted. The glasses themselves angle slightly towards the rim, giving a distinctive look to the collection. We love watching the golden bubbles dance in the candlelight – a truly magical and festive moment.

For more tips on how to style your home for the entertaining season visit and shop the look at

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