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A night of gourmet NZ treats in NYC

This selection of snaps came from a delicious schmoozy evening I attended in New York last month. Nautilus wines are part of the “complexity” project – a small group of NZ’s top wine producers showcasing the quality and diversity of NZ’s wines in the USA. Through these connections I was invited to this event organised by New Zealand Tourism to encourage NYC’s travel writers and luxury travel planners to encourage their well heeled readers and guests to visit Aotearoa. To entice them to come along, NZ Tourism brought along Ruth Pretty – a mini NZ celebrity (in wine and food circles at least). Ruth is a gourmet caterer/chef and a great ambassador for NZ’s delicious food and wine culture. As you can see from the photos she was whipping up some delectable treats! The event was held in the Icebreaker store in SoHo. For those of you who haven’t experienced the snuggly lusciousness of an Icebreaker merino, go out and buy yourself one. Now. I love them for their non-wrinkle, non smelly travel convenience, and CJ loves them for, well, just their non-smelly convenience. Here is one of the recipes Ruth dished up. You can see how popular it was from the photo – not many left by the time we got to take a picture! It was a superb match for Nautilus Sauvignon Blanc. Ruth Pretty NZ King Salmon & watercress salad with ginger coriander dressing

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