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Simplicity Reigns

6 tips for picnic perfection from Città

Daylight savings and bright spring weather has us dreaming of lazy summer afternoons, with good food, wine and great company. Enhance these delicious flavours in the fresh air and sunshine by preparing the ultimate summer picnic. Prepare for picnic season with tips from Città Stylist Sam van Kan on creating a luxurious spread for you, friends and family.

1. Pack to perfection

Our stackable Breka Maplewood Crates make the perfect picnic carryall. With handles for easy transportation, you can pack these full of your picnic essentials as you wander in search of the ideal picnic position.

Citta Spring 1

2. Luxurious layers

After finding a shady spot under a tree with just the right amount of sun peeking through, start setting your picnic from the ground up. Depending on the size of your gathering, you could layer rugs and blankets to sit on, or simply lay down a linen tablecloth on the grass – just make sure there is enough room for all your guests to stretch out and enjoy the sunshine!

Citta Spring 2

3. Linen Love

One of my favourite textures this summer is linen. Add a level of luxury to your picnic by treating your guests to linen napkins, not only are they eco-friendly and can be used time and time again, you can wrap them around glassware and ceramics to stop them clinking together. Scatter linen cushions across the picnic setting to perch on while dining, and don’t forget to bring blankets for when the sun dips below the trees!

Citta Spring 3

4. Set the table

 Try as we might to find a flat piece of grass to picnic on, there is always the possibility for spillage! Turn the crates upside down and use the base as your make-shift table and grazing station; and use other hard surfaces like chopping boards and placemats scattered around the picnic blanket to rest wine glasses and plates on.

Citta Spring 6

5. Finishing touches

Flowers and foliage really are the finishing touch. You could bring some with you to scatter around your setting using small vessels, or go foraging for a posy of wild blooms to bring home.

Citta Spring 4

6. Just chill.

A summer picnic isn’t complete without a glass of Nautilus Rosè. Chill yours down to perfection with our Rondo wine coolers, and toast to a long hot summer with the Mirage flutes. Perfect wine deserves a perfect toast!

Citta Spring 5

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