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Bringing Winter to Life

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5 tips for perfecting your midwinter feast

During shorter days, we turn inside and make the home a focus for entertaining and socialising with friends and family. Feed the soul with a midwinter feast: decadent wining and dining, with a cosy atmosphere to melt away winter chills.

Here are 5 tips for making your midwinter feast look as good as it tastes from the interior styling experts at Città.

1.     Keep things casual: Create an elegant yet informal theme by taking a mix and match approach to the table. Mixing patterned ceramics with plain, but keeping consistency in style is the best approach for achieving this look. Try choosing a colour from your favourite patterned side plate or platter as an accent, and work the rest of your ceramics around this hero. Skip the tablecloth and instead of placemats, drape linen napkins under each setting.

2.     Visual interest: Use candles, foliage, carafes and glassware to create a variety of heights on the table. Keep taller pieces towards the ends of the table when you have platters to pass around – this will help to avoid unwanted knocks and spills!

3.     Bring it to life. In winter, skip the delicate, pretty flowers and opt for sculptural foliage in deep greens and russet tones. When incorporating a floral centerpiece in your scheme, opt for one that’s low in a bowl and spills onto the table asymmetrically, so it’s not a barrier to conversation across the table. If yours is more of a buffet-style situation, make an impact by placing a large glass jar filled with bold foliage at one end of the table.

4.     Multi-purpose pieces: Wooden, slate or marble serving boards can be used as alternative place settings, or podiums for condiments or side dishes. Use cake plates or platters for displaying candles or botanicals.

5.     Details to delight: Tie ribbons and sprigs of rosemary or bay leaves around cutlery for an alternative to napkin rings, or use parcel tags to create elegant name cards when you’re introducing new guests to the table.

Create the look with Città’s new winter collection inspired by the raw, rugged and impossibly beautiful country of Bolivia. Pared back designs softened with sumptuous materials, chunky textures and rich hues. Shop in store and online now at Looking for more tips for styling your home? Visit Città’s online hub of inspiration at 

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