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All We Want for Christmas

EDM 4 - Christmas

If you’re anything like the team here at Nautilus, the arrival of December means you’re looking forward to a hard-earned festive break. Obviously our favourite thing about the season is a multitude of excuses to pop the cork on a bottle of Nautilus Brut NV, but there’s more to Christmas than perfect bubbly… here are a few of the things we’re looking forward to about the approaching holidays.

‘Christmas is a precious time that brings close family and friends together.’

Clive Weston, Managing Director

‘I love Christmas breakfast… starting the day off with some bubbles and smoked salmon on toast, or warm croissants, always sets the mood for the day at my house.’

Katy Prescott, Sales & Marketing Manager

‘For me, Christmas is all about relaxing. It coincides with our summer holiday so it’s a great opportunity to recharge the batteries after a busy year. At my house, food and wine naturally play a big part. I much prefer to graze on lots of tasty treats over several days than to stuff myself full on Christmas day. There are so many great traditions about the season, but my family’s favourites include dusting off the ice cream maker and trying out some new recipes, and late afternoon cocktails by the pool.’

Clive Jones, Winemaker/Winery Manager

‘I would have to say the gathering of family is number one for me, followed by the contribution of food and wine by all which is presented on a heaving dining table that screams ‘Christmas!’ The turkey and ham are a must for me at Christmas time…. I get great satisfaction out of making a stuffing (by no means a traditional recipe!), and dressing and cooking the turkey. My sister and I alternate each year, one presenting the ham, the other the bird…  MERRY CHRISTMAS!’

Katrina Murphy, Cellar Door Host

Two traditions,

‘First: a round of golf at dawn to feel like I’ve had some exercise. Second: formal preparation and glazing of the ham, which doubles as an excuse to drink Nautilus Cuvee Brut NV early.’

Mike Collins, Viticulturist

‘Christmas – it’s always been my favourite time of year. At home our lucky girls have always enjoyed a Chilean tradition and a Kiwi one, so for my side we celebrate Christmas eve with beautiful nibbles, sweet treats and bubbles, then the next morning we have a delicious breakfast followed by lunch with my husband’s big family and the girls finally get to open their presents.’

Claudia Yanez, Brand Manager

‘After a big feast on Christmas day, a Christmas nap is a must.’ Dave Fernandez, Office Manager

Whatever your favourite Christmas traditions are, we hope you have a holiday season filled with love, laughter, and lots of Nautilus bubbles! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the team at Nautilus.

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